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Briggens Farm Quarry Proposal
Stanstead Abbotts Parish Council has commissioned an independent report into the proposed quarry at Briggens Farm Estate. In the view of the Parish Council it was important to have an independent view on the proposal from a subject matter specialist who has no links to the proposal. The Parish Council commissioned the well regarded  firm Strutt & Parker (part of the global BNP Paribas Group) to conduct a review.
The review focused on the “soundness of the plan, having regard to whether the plan is positively prepared, justified, effective and in accordance with national planning policy”.
In their report, Strutt & Parker conclude that “the allocation of this site is not ‘sound’ in
planning terms and it is not justified, effective or consistent with national policy”.
We would like to make the full report available to all and therefore you can read it by clicking the following link :
Stanstead Abbotts Parish Council’s position is one of opposition to the proposed quarry. This report backs up our concerns. It will be used as part of official representations to oppose the quarry. We felt it appropriate to share with the community should any community members wish to reference it.
Roydon Road Closure

B181 Roydon Road will be closed for up to 2 days between 20 March and 22 March between 9.30am and 4pm.


For full details and a map of the affected section of Roydon Road, please click here:

CWY200789 Roydon Road

CWY200789 Roydon Road


The Parish Council met on 11 October 2018.
While full minutes will be produced, key points of discussion included :
Street lighting :
Further actions being taken to address issues associated with the condition of high street lampposts
Potential quarry :
Organisations involved are preparing responses to concerns raised by the public before the approval process moves forward as a potential part of the regional minerals plan, which will need further approval.
Key moments next year will be a detailed examination in public of the proposal as a whole summer / autumn 2019.
Street Cleaning
Street cleaning on the high street and select other roads in the village should be taking place 3 times week. View of councillors was that the supplier who should be delivering this service isn’t meeting their commitment. Opportunity to provide specific feedback to be arranged.
The County Council highways supplier, Ringway’s, is apparently open to meet directly with parish councillors. This will provide a great opportunity for your councillors to give direct feedback on Ringway’s performance.
Various planning applications were discussed including a proposal to turn the former Burton’s newsagent into a combined retail / flats location.
Christmas Lights
Parish Council supportive of Christmas lights in the village this Christmas and doing all it can to make sure the necessary inspections and approvals are done in time

The Parish Council has completed the project to introduce CCTV in the village, along the High Street.

This was a complex project to deliver by the councillors (all volunteers) and responded to your feedback. During a 6 month consultation period, 78% of residents who responded voted that they wanted CCTV in the village.

Access to images is tightly controlled by Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership.  The link to their website is as follows :

Any public requests for footage will need to be addressed through this website and appropriately validated.

Something missing at this special time of year? Fill the space in your home and your heart and foster with us

Hertfordshire County Council is calling on parents of young people who have left home to consider whether fostering might be the way to fill the extra space in their homes and their hearts.

In Hertfordshire there are just over 835 children and young people in care and many live with Hertfordshire’s foster carers.  Each month, we receive an average of 55 requests for new foster placements, with more requests to place older children (aged 10+), sibling groups and those with more complex needs. 

Christmas is a wonderful time for families, but when your own grown up children have moved on; it might feel like something is missing. Becoming a foster carer can fill that gap and at the same time, help provide a child with the security and stability they desperately need.

Empty nesters potentially make great foster carers because they’ve often already got the skills and experience needed to look after children and teenagers, whether this is for a short term or longer term period.

Jacqueline, 50, from Stevenage, who is currently fostering three children, including a pair of siblings said: “My husband and I were short term foster carers for a few years before we decided to do it long-term. The siblings we were looking after were unable to find a home together and we wanted to try our best to keep them united. Our son who was at university at the time, talked us into considering long term fostering and gave up his room to make this possible.

“Christmas can be a difficult time when your children are away. But sharing your home and heart with someone else makes it special. Some of the children we fostered had never celebrated Christmas. Simply sharing a meal with them, seeing the smiles on their faces, sharing a sense of belonging and a place they can call home, even for a short time, was magical. To me that truly is the spirit of Christmas.

Anyone who fosters with Hertfordshire County Council can expect unrivalled support. If you are interested in fostering with us, we’ll be there to guide you through the process, every step of the way. For more information visit

Neighbourhood Watch

The police are keen to get more people signed up to NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH.

Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives ever. Now involving more than 120,000 households in Hertfordshire, it is based on the simple idea that you and your neighbours can help to reduce crime and create a safer and better place to live, work and play. It is also a means of keeping an eye on the vulnerable, elderly and disabled.

The OWL system is a personal computer based alerting system to provide communities with a timely warning of local crime. It is invaluable when a distraction burglary takes place or a bogus caller is reported in the neighbourhood, to warn residents of recent serious crimes in the locality or if a suspicious car is seen outside a school. Alerts and crime prevention advice will be sent to you by electronic mail, from the local policing team.

Also joining the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is free and some insurance companies offer reductions on house insurance if you are a member.

Join Neighbourhood Watch and encourage your neighbours to join too. It’s a proven deterrent to burglars.

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Training available for charities and communitty groups – Developing a Fundraising Strategy
Date: Thursday, 14th September 2017
Times: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue: Nigel Copping Community Building, Sanville Gardens, Stanstead Abbotts, SG12 8GA


Training available for charities and community groups

Training available for charities and community groups – Developing a Fundraising Strategy
Date: Thursday, 14th September 2017
Times: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue: Nigel Copping Community Building, Sanville Gardens, Stanstead Abbotts, SG12 8GA

What will the course cover?
• Checking your Mission Statement
• How to make SWOT work for your organisation.
• Setting meaningful targets
• Your fundraising structure
• Building long-term relationships
• Writing the strategy – drafting a skeleton plan for your organisation
• Action planning

This course is suitable for managers and trustees of voluntary and community organisations with responsibility for income and fund generation. It will help you to develop your strategy from scratch or to update and improve your existing strategy.

£35 CVS Members
£45 Non Members
£90 Private/Statutory

More details of this and other training here:

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CVSBEH can help develop personal and professional skills through low cost training courses for voluntary and community groups in the Districts of Broxbourne & East Herts – including paid staff, volunteers and management committee…


Rye House Incinerator

Further consultation – 2 Rattys Lane, Hoddesdon, EN11 0RF – DEADLINE to respond 21 September 2017

Application for the proposed demolition of existing buildings and construction and operation of an Energy Recovery Facility for the treatment of municipal, commercial and industrial wastes; importation, storage and transfer of local authority collected healthcare waste together with ancillary infrastructure including administration/visitor centre; incinerator bottom ash storage shed; grid connection compound; car, HGV, bus and visitor parking areas; rail sidings improvements; weighbridges and weighbirdge office; 2 portacabin offices; sprinkler tank and pump room; drainage connection to River Lee; security fencing; landscape and highway improvements.

Further to a request made by the County Council, the applicant has provided further information in relation to the Environmental Statement, flood risk and the Transport Assessment.

This has required a number of the planning application documents to be updated by the applicant. Therefore the consultation period has been re-opened and further submissions will be accepted, and existing submissions will continue to be considered.

The further information together with all submitted application information is also available on the HCC website: where you can submit comments.

You can also send comments to the Case Officer, Mr Rob Egan, via e-mail to

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Information about planning in Hertfordshire


2017 Hertfordshire and East Herts Councillor Contact details :

Contact details for our Hertfordshire County Councillor, Eric Buckmaster (Con) can be found here :

And our East Herts Councillor, Mike Allen (Con) :

Updates on recent Parish Council activities include :

Hot Topics and Key Points discussed at Parish Council Meeting on 12 January 2017.

Police Update

While reported crime remains relatively low, extra patrols are taking place in the playground after reports of anti social behaviours.

Poor Quality Pavements

If you have specific concerns about the quality of pavements in the village, report these to Hertfordshire County Council on the Hertfordshire County Council website.

Update from our County Councillor

County Council has heavily gritted the roads over Christmas, salt bins are stocked, gritting vans ready to go.

Overview and scrutiny committee has been considering Crime and Disorder, Waste Services, Children Services, Roads, Public Health integregation.

District Plan has not been passed and is under consideration. Consultation concluded before Christmas. Several more layers of review before finalisation. This is due to complete in autumn 2017.

Recruitment of a new councillor
We are short of a councillor! If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining us, please contact any of your council members.


Issue delaying installation is quality concerns over the lampposts intended to support the CCTV.

Christmas Decoration Competition

Thanks to everyone for their entries in to the competition which really brightened up the High St. During the Christmas period.

Community Thank You

The Parish Council will say thank you to around 30 people who have helped our community in various over the last couple of years

Table Tennis Table

The community outdoor table tennis table project in the Meadows area is moving forward and remains on track for launch in May.

November 2016 Headlines

Do you want to have a say in deciding where new homes are built in Stanstead Abbotts? The recent planning application for 31 houses on the Netherfield Lane site (with no provision for affordable homes) shows that the village is of interest to developers.

The Parish Council are keen to develop a Neighbourhood Plan but we need your help. Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. Many other villages in Hertfordshire are working on their plans (see: ) and we want to do the same.

Come along to the meeting on 25 November at the Parish Hall to find out more and see if you can help.

For more info see: and

For more about the planning application at Netherfield Lane see ref 3/16/2296/OUT


The District Plan is now open for consultation. You can see it at


Some people have expressed concern to us that it has become difficult to find a space in the village car park to go shopping or use the other services in the villages, including the playground, due to the number of cars that are permanently parked there. The District Council, who owns the car park, have come up with a suggested solution that they will trial from April 2017. They will allocate 20 bays to 3-hour parking. It will still be free, but you will need to take a ticket. This has the support of French & Jupps, who are funding the free parking. The Parish Council think it is a good idea, although we are not sure if 20 bays is the right number, but that can be changed.

Do you think this is a good idea? Let us know.

The Parish Council agreed a precept of £37,000. Further details on this to follow when the draft minutes are published.

The project is still progressing and we are hoping that it will be installed early in 2017. There is still some work to be done, but we have now planning approval from East Herts Council and from the Office of the Information Commissioner.


We now have planning approval from East Herts Council. We are currently choosing the supplier and planning for it to be installed ready for a table tennis tournament in April 2017 – watch this space!