Neighbourhood Plan

A group of local residents, including Parish Council representation from Stanstead Abbotts, St Margarets and Great Amwell have formed a Steering Group to help produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the village’s future.

Its main purpose is to oversee the preparation of the plan for our designated area in order that these will then progress to Independent Examination and a successful community referendum, then ultimately being adopted by East Herts District Council to become planning policy.

The group wish to engage the local community to ensure that the plan is truly representative of the ambitions of the three parishes and would therefore like your views on proposed sites for housing in the village. Come along and see the location of the proposed sites and hear from the team on the policies they have created to support all aspects of the village including ecology, heritage, design, community and transport.

Open Day: Saturday 28 March 2020

Time: 3.30-7.30pm

Venue: Nigel Copping Community Centre

You can find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan by clicking here