Covid-19: Volunteering

#TeamHerts Volunteering is working in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council to collect names and details of all those who are interested in volunteering to assist those affected by coronavirus. Volunteers can help by dropping and picking up  essential supplies, offering a friendly voice over the phone or even giving basic support in a care setting. Fill out a quick and easy form HERE. Your details will then be passed over to local organisations who have identified that they require extra support.

Organisation Registration: If your organisation or community group is currently looking to recruit volunteers to help those affected by coronavirus then click HERE to fill out the registration form. Team Herts will then be able to provide you with the details of local people who have indicated they can help out.
Compassionate Community Connector Programme
This programme is being centrally co-ordinated by Communities 1st in response to Covid-19 and covers the Broxbourne and East Herts area.

Volunteering: for people who are healthy and at low risk to help others.  Individuals wishing to volunteer their time can sign-up HERE or call 020 3940 4865 between 1pm – 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Supporting Individuals: People who need help whilst isolated (or someone on their behalf) can complete an online form HERE or call 020 8207 5115 or EmailThey will then be either matched with one of the Compassionate Community Connector volunteers, offered support immediately or signposted/referred on to a local voluntary/community organisation.  Local Groups and Organisations: Can your organisation be contacted by local residents needing help or make use of additional volunteers? If you are contacted by a resident needing help, but don’t have a suitable volunteer available, or if you have a volunteer available, but don’t have a job for them you now can work together with other organisations by completing an online form HERE. If a group or local organisation would like to discuss anything, please Email or call on 020 3940 4866.

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